Riverview House

Richland, WA

  • 12,675 square feet
  • 4 bedrooms
  • 6 baths
  • Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Family Room, Nook, Art Galleries, Office, Exercise Room, Conservatory, Media Room, Reading Loft, Art Studio and Laundry

Designed to house and display an extensive collection of fine art, the Riverview House is located on a bluff overlooking the junction of the Columbia and Yakima Rivers in Richland, Washington. It was the Owners’ desire to bring art into every living space in the house. With that thought in mind, the main gallery spaces function as primary circulation corridors, allowing the art to be enjoyed by the Owners and their guests as they move through the house during their daily tasks. The tapered primary Gallery form encourages displays of variously scaled pieces of art while accommodating large groups. The main floor public spaces are intended to provide for frequent entertaining of groups of various sizes, while privacy in the master suite is achieved by physically separating it from the main floor public spaces. The lower level of the house is organized to provide private accommodations for the Owners’ frequent guests of family and friends. The northerly facing facades of the main floor will open to the view, utilizing glass cladding provided by a commercial curtain wall system. Privacy from the street and protection from the harsh southerly sun will be created by thick walls clad in stucco and poured concrete.